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Vanilla Strawberry Milkshake


The ingredients for vanilla strawberry milkshake are very basic and quickly available in the market. For the preparation we want – fresh strawberries, milk, vanilla ice-cream, and extract. The vanilla extract must not be more than 3-4 droplets.

A vanilla strawberry milkshake can be prepared using vanilla extract. However, if you don’t have extract just increase the quantity of ice-cream. You must try this milkshake as it’s nutritious and satisfy our sweet-tooth!

You can buy Sprig Extract of Natural Bourbon Vanilla – which is one of the best vanilla extracts available in the market.

Some of the milkshakes that you can try: –

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Also, use only vanilla ice-cream, don’t select any other ice-cream. Vanilla tastes better in such a shake. If you’re a vegan, you can utilize almond milk in place of cow’s milk – it tastes equally better.

Let’s know more about vanilla strawberry milkshake: –

Preparation Time Servings Drink Taste
10 minutes 4 Shakes Sweet

Nutrition: –

1 glass serving of vanilla strawberry milkshake carries: –

| Calories – 285 Kcal | Carbohydrates – 59.4 grams | Fat – 4.6 grams | Sodium – 148.8 mg | Protein – 8 grams |

Ingredients for the Smoothie: –

  • Fresh strawberries – 200 grams (sliced and clean)
  • Vanilla extract – ½ teaspoon
  • Vanilla ice-cream – 1 cup
  • Milk – 1 cup

Step by step procedure for vanilla strawberry milkshake: –

At the start, blend half of the strawberries and make a smooth paste of it.

After that, add vanilla extract ½ teaspoon, 1 cup of ice cream and milk (1 cup) and blend it with strawberries paste until you reach a smoothness.

Then add some crushed ice and blend for 5 more seconds.

At last, pour into the glasses and garnish with strawberries.

Your vanilla strawberry milkshake is ready to consume!

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