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Shakshuka Recipe


When it comes to my most favorite middle-eastern cuisines, shakshuka is undoubtedly my all-time favorite one, I prefer to use fresh tomatoes rather than canned, as they are delicious and juicy. Many people don’t prefer shakshuka and they give a very strange look, whenever they hear this name – I don’t know why LOL. Therefore recently, I prepared shakshuka and trust me I still miss the flavor and savouriness of it. As a result of that, I decided to share the recipe in this post.

You can have it for breakfast and dinner, as per your choice. Above all, this recipe is made by using fresh tomatoes, eggs, and other spices in a sauté pan, skillet or pot.

However, Shakshuka is a North African cuisine that is extremely famous in the Middle East like in Israel. Consequently, many Israelis eat it for breakfast. It is very easy and versatile food it and hence, it just needed a skillet or sauté pan to cook. Trust me! Once you make shakshuka you will be addicted to it.

shakshuka is in a skillet with vegetables.

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Let’s know more about this delicious recipe –

Preparation TimeCook TimeServingsCuisine
10 minutes30 minutes6Middle Eastern, Kosher

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Therefore, 1 serving of Shakshuka contains –

| Calories – 129 Kcal | Protein – 7 grams | Carbohydrates – 10 grams | Fiber – 5.1 grams | Fat – 2 grams | Vitamin A – 1475 mg | Calcium – 81 mg | Iron – 2.9 mg | Cholesterol – 163 mg | Sodium – 343 mg | Potassium – 494 mg |

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