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Orange juice is very easy to make. You can make orange juice in a blender or using a mixer. I often prepare it at home, which doesn’t take much time and resources.

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Besides, you do require juice strainer to strain the juice. However, If the juice tastes sour, you can add sugar or jaggery too. Well, being a health-conscious person, I will suggest you drink it without sugar so that you can get healthy nutrition. Orange juice is often served with mocktails and desserts.

Let’s know about lemon juice recipe: –

Preparation Time Cook Time Servings Cuisine Skill Level
15 minutes n/a 2 Juice Beginner

Nutrition: –

1 cup serving (248 g) of orange juice carries: –

| Calories – 111 Kcal | Carbohydrates – 26 grams | Fat – 0.5 grams | Sodium – 3 mg | Protein – 1.7 grams |

Ingredients required: –

  • Oranges – 6 medium
  • Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon
  • Sugar/Honey/Jaggery – as needed (optional)
orange juice in a glass

Let’s drink Orange Juice!

At the start, strip the oranges and dissociate orange segments. After that take these orange segments in a mixer jar or a blender jar.

Then add lemon juice. You can skip this step if you desire to.

Blend the oranges in a jar until you attain the pulpy syrup. Blend the segments in small portions and avoid putting them at one shot.

After that, place the juice strainer over a bowl. Pour the orange juice over it and strain the pulp using a spoon.

Keep on moving the spoon to strain the orange pulp wholly.

After that, do strain the pulp perfectly and you will be left with chewy orange pulp.
The juice is in the bowl and if you desire to add sugar or jaggery – you can. Also, if you want to skip this step as it’s optional.

Pour in the glasses and serve the juice!

Benefits of Consuming Orange Juice: –

Orange juice is very rich in vital nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium and folate.
This juice carries several antioxidants and can assist you to prevent disease.
Orange juice lowers the risk of kidney stones as it boosts the pH of urine.
This juice enhances the good HDL cholesterol levels in our body.
The consumption of oranges reduces the inflammations and chance of chronic disease.

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