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Punjabi Kadhi recipe | Kadhi Pakoda recipe


Kadhi Pakoda is yogurt or curd-based curry, which is made with chickpea flour or gram flour and added with pakodas/onion fritters. You can consume it with steamed rice or roti.

As per many beliefs in India, Kadhi Pakoda is a Punjabi cuisine as Punjab has the maximum amount of milk consumption per capita for ages. Therefore, many used to prepare it there. However, many in South-India munch several varieties of it too. Hence, it’s still a doubtful thing to trace its origin. 

Moreover, I like to make Kadhi pakoda with just besan fritters, but here I have shared the fritters made from onions. If you like you can add gram flour fritters, vegetable pakodas or potato fritters as per your choice.

Therefore, I would like to show a few tips or tricks to this recipe. One tip is that you don’t add the curd without whisking properly and transferring it to the pan. The lumps in the curd will damage the Kadhi Pakoda. Another one is that pakodas must be added in the end so that they don’t become soggy.

The Kadhi in kadhi pakoda is densely flavored with the collaboration of spices ranging from cloves and cinnamon to coriander seeds and then when we add pakodas into it – the end product becomes irresistible.

Health Facts Related to this Recipe –

First, to make Kadhi Pakoda we use curd that helps in digestion and even offers relief in case of diarrhea and dysentery. A good intake of curd reduces body weight!

Then, besan carry a good quantity of fat and protein than wheat flour. Besan is good diabetics and enhances the growth of RBCs and WBCs.

After that, we use onion fritters for Kadhi Pakoda and subsequently onions increase the body immunity against diseases. It has several antioxidants and good cholesterol (HDL).

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Let’s know more about Kadhi recipe –

Preparation TimeCook TimeServingsCuisine
20 minutes30 minutes4North Indian, Side Dish

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Kadhi Pakoda with red chili, coriander, and bay leaf in a bowl
Kadhi Pakoda or pakora, Indian cuisine

Nutrition Involved In Kadhi Pakoda: –

Therefore, 1 serving of Kadhi Pakoda contains –

| Calories – 276 Kcal | Protein – 10.1 grams | Carbohydrates – 24.2 grams | Fiber – 5.4 grams | Fat – 13.8 grams | Vitamin A – 288 mcg | Calcium – 161.3 mg | Iron – 2 mg | Cholesterol – 10.7 mg | Sodium – 39 mg | Potassium – 313.4 mg |

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