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How to make Tofu | How to make Soy Cheese at Home


Tofu is prepared by using soya milk instead of regular milk. Tofu appears like cheese, but its taste is very different from the cottage cheese. Its usage is like the cheese, you can prepare the same recipes using Tofu as cheese.

However, our tongue is not acquainted with the flavor of tofu. If you start consuming it 4-5 times, then I believe you will like its taste.

Here’s how to make it: –


100 grams of tofu carries: –

Calories – 76 Kcal, Carbohydrates – 2 grams, Fat – 5 grams, Sodium – 7 mg, Protein – 8 grams

INGREDIENTS For Soya Cheese: –

  1. Soybean Milk – 2 liters
  2. Citric acid – 2 teaspoons

How to make tofu at home?  

To make tofu you do need calcium sulfate is required to thicken. However, calcium sulfate is available in the form of citric acid to make tofu from soybean milk. When we make soy cheese using soybean milk the resultant product is hard and very delicious.

We will utilize 2 liters of soybean milk to make tofu. Place soybean milk in a pan and heat it.

After that, turn off the flame when soybean milk is prepared. Let it cool for some time and lower the temperature to 70-80 degrees. In the meantime, soak the tatri in 1 tablespoon lukewarm water.

Then, mix the citric water with soybean milk and stir 1-2 times. You don’t have to stir regularly.

After 15-20 minutes the milk will thicken, and we will be clever enough to observe water separating from it. If you observe that the process didn’t occur perfectly, do add some more citric solution to it. Then sieve the entire mixture.

When the milk and the water separates, use a clean cloth and spread it over a strainer and pour the milk over it. You will have the tofu on the cloth and the water will strain down into the bowl.

After that, tightly squeeze the cloth and by folding it from both ends and then place a heavy object over it so that excess water can be strained easily.

Let it remain as it is for 30-40 minutes – so that you can get a great shape. After that, you can use it as per your desire. It tastes better than normal cheese and has better nutrients than cheese.

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