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It’s one of the “must know” life skill – how to bake a cake from scratch, everybody loves to eat cake. Hence, learning this skill is necessary to sharpen your culinary skills.

This is not necessary that a good cook can be a baker. Baking and cooking are two different poles and totally different. In cooking, you throw ingredients in a pan and saute until you get the end product, on the contrary baking is like a chemical reaction or a lab experiment where you need to add ingredients of certain quantity. It means things can become worse and cake wont bake if you don’t add certain quantity at certain time.

The precision is very vital when we are baking a cake. Here, I will discuss a step by step guide to bake a cake from scratch –

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At first, collect your ingredients 

Flour – Measure the flour properly in a dry measuring cup, level it with a knife as we have to know that “baking is a typical experiment.

Leavening – Leavening means baking soda and it should be precise as flour.

Butter – to bake a cake from scratch you require softened butter and it mustn’t be melted at all.

Sugar – Granulated sugar is preferred for baking a cake.

Eggs – Big eggs, beaten thoroughly.

Vanilla Extract – Pure and authentic vanilla extract. You can try adding different flavour of extract with the vanilla at some risk. 

Milk – Absolutely, add 2% of skimmed milk in it.

ingredients for baking a cake
Ingredients for baking cake

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Before baking, always preheat the oven

When you gather all the necessary ingredients, turn on the oven and preheat it. It should be preheated for 20 minutes and when it’s done do check the temperature. However, it’s vital to initiate the baking at an appropriate temperature.


A good and appropriate size of the pan is always important. It should not be too big or too small. Moreover, to avoid the cake from sticking to the pan use a tablespoon of softened butter and coat the bottom and sides of the pan.


As I stated before that baking the cake is all about science and mixing the ingredients is also important. You require a sifter for that! If you have budget do buy a good electric mixer for this purpose.

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how to bake a cake in oven
Close up view of homemade cake in oven


When you mix the batter thoroughly, place the mixture right away. If you don’t do it, a chemical reaction will initiate, and baking will not occur at all. You oven should have the convection mode of cooking, if that is a heating oven it wont bake.


When the baking is done, do take out an let the cake be cooled in the room temperature. If you ignore this step the cake won’t set.

The cake is complete when it’s firm to touch, if you press down lightly it must regain the original shape.

Now you can amaze everyone with your newest cooking skill i.e. Baking a cake from scratch. Therefore, invite your friends and have a cake party!

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