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Cranberry Smoothie Recipe


The cranberry smoothie is very easy to prepare and doesn’t require many efforts for this healthy recipe. Cranberry smoothie is very beneficial when it comes to counter cold/cough/flu and cranberries help in improving digestion too. This cuisine is very tasty and nutritious.

Cranberries are full of Vitamins as Vitamin C, E, and K and known as a great source of fiber. Cranberry smoothie comes easily in less time and they provide a healthy alternative in the breakfast. As smoothie takes no time to make, you’re left with no excuse to not make one

cranberry smoothie with a straw and orange in the background.

Here is how we make it: –

Preparation Time Cook Time Servings Cuisine Skill Level
5 minutes n/a 1 smoothie Beginner

Nutrition: –

1 serving of cranberry smoothie carries: –

| Calories – 167 Kcal | Carbohydrates – 33 grams | Fat – 1 gram | Sodium – 26 mg | Protein – 7 grams |

Ingredients for Cranberry Smoothie: –

  • Banana – ½
  • Cranberries – 50 grams (frozen/fresh)
  • Blueberries – 30 grams
  • Orange juice – 60 ml
  • Yogurt – 60 ml

Let’s make Cranberry Smoothie!

At the start, wash both blueberries and cranberries using a drainer, peel off the banana. Add all these ingredients to a blender and blend until you attain a smooth texture. Orange juice can be added after first blending for thinning the texture of the smoothie.

In this easy way, you can get a cranberry smoothie.

Benefits of Consuming Cranberry: –

Cranberry consumption helps in fighting age-related damages. It carries good antioxidants that fight free radicals, which cause oxidative damage in the body.

Studies have shown that cranberry juice or syrup improves heart health. They’re rich in polyphenols, which is beneficial for the heart.

UTI, known as urinary tract infection, can be treated by Cranberries. The antibacterial effects of cranberries aid in the reduction of UTIs.

The phytochemicals in the cranberries perform a vital role in enhancing digestive health.

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