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5 Reasons Why Vegetarians are healthier than non-vegetarians


Vegetarians vs non-vegetarians is an age-old fight. Who’s healthier? Although, vegetarians are healthier than non-vegetarians, yes you heard it right and I have no hesitation in acknowledging it. Why? I will explain here, but it is the harsh truth. The face of non-vegetarians is full of disappointment by now and as per a hardcore chicken lover, it’s hard for me too.

People who are non-vegetarian contemplate that a vegetarian diet is absolutely uninteresting. However, you would be astonished to see that there is not just one but an excess of other reasons why vegetarian food is far better than non-vegetarian food and why vegetarians are healthier.

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Let’s know more about it: –

1. The vegetarian diet is balanced

vegetarian vs non vegetarian foods comparison
vegetarian food products

Well non – vegetarian meal is high in protein, especially omega 3 and several fats, but our body doesn’t need only such selective nutrients. Our body requires many others too!

However, plant-based foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables, pulses, etc. are filled with entire nutrients that are vital for the human body. In short, plant-based food offers us a “balanced diet”.

2. Vegetarian food decreases the chance of heart risk

Man and woman hands together with red heart
Man and woman hands together with red heart

As we learned in the previous point that vegetarian food is “balanced” in nature. It has lower level of saturated fats, which ultimately keeps blood pressure and cholesterol in control.

When we eat such a diet, it lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Controls the Weight

vegetarian vs non vegetarian shows the weight control
Female feet standing on electronic scales for weight control on wooden background.

As per the physicians, vegetarians are mostly leaner than non-vegetarians. Their Body Mass Index aka BMI is controlled along with bloody pressure.

If you want to maintain your BMI just start consuming vegetarian food.

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4. Vegetarian vs non vegetarian – longer life

old man is holding a hourglass to show higher life span

When we consume non-vegetarian food, the intake of saturated fats increases blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity.

To be precise, the chances of dying from heart disease is low in vegetarian people as compared to non-vegetarian consumers.

One more fact to add in the fight of vegetarian vs non-vegetarians.

5. Vegetarian vs non vegetarian Bowel Movement

vegetarian vs non vegetarian - human digestive system
human digestive system

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As we know that vegetarian diet is full of fibre that enhances the digestion. The chances of digestive issues are higher in meat eaters, as meat doesn’t have much fibre.

Those who eat grains, pulses, vegetables, etc have a better bowel movement. Don’t doubt it!

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