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5 healthy foods to eat every day


In this article, I’m going to discuss 5 healthy foods to eat every day. If we consume these food items, it offers us a diet full of nutrition and gives innumerable health benefits. These items are not so costly and are common in the kitchen.  

According to research, our diet is mainly comprising of nutrient-rich plant foods, they must contain green vegetables, followed by fruits, legumes and beans, dry fruits and whole grains.

These plant foods contain an innumerable number of compounds that can help to avoid diseases that are now common in our society, like heart disease, sugar, and diabetes. A number of western food habits suggest the use of low – nutrients eating like burgers, fries, pizza, etc. which ultimately leads to obesity and diseases

Let’s discuss the 5 healthy foods to eat every day

5 healthy foods to eat every day - leafy vegetables

1. Leafy Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, etc. are recommended here. The greener they’re they more fantastic they are to consume. We must include both spinach and kale every day, it’s a healthy alternative to eradicate fried food from your diet. It generates an essential number of calories to us and we feel healthier.

5 healthy foods to eat every day - berries

2. Berries

It’s not a tough task include berries in our diet. They’re so delicious and healthier! I personally prefer fresh berries over frozen.

These are very essential to get into your diet every day, breakfast is the most preferable time to get them in. You can prefer smoothie, pudding or you can eat them as it is, they’re a perfect snack at any time of the day. Sometimes the berries are not available in the market, so what can we do? We can take the fresh berries at the season and put them in the freezer for the long run.

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5 healthy foods to eat every day - dry fruits and vegetables

3. Dry Fruits and seeds

Dry fruits and seeds are very wonderful, full of nutrients that are rich in omega-3, which many people don’t care about. Also, just like berries, they can also be taken in smoothie, pudding or you can consume it as it’s. Dry fruits and seeds offer protein, vitamins, minerals, and fibre to us and prevent heart disease.

Seeds such as chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and almonds are best to consume.

5 healthy foods to eat every day - onions, ginger & garlic

4. Onions, ginger, and garlic

These three foods are antioxidants of the highest order and are excellent against diseases. The consumption of these three both raw or cooked is fine. In India, these are used in every recipe, soup, stew or in gravy.

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5 healthy foods to eat every day - beans and legumes

5. Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes add a big nutritional value to our diet. They’re rich in fibre, minerals, and protein and fills our appetite to prevent unnecessary food cravings. Beans and legumes aid in preventing obesity and diabetes. Beans are so cheap to buy and if you like experimenting you can make numerous recipes too with it.

Finally, I want to convey that eating these foods will prevent diseases, enhance energy, prevents obesity, and adds a healthier way of food habit into us. Such are the healthy foods to eat every day.

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  1. Hi The Saute Lover, It’s good to learn about healthy foods to eat every day. I love to follow healthy eating habit. Having healthy and nutritious food fuels our body and keeps us away from diseases.

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